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become a
 balanced athlete


Gets you strong, lean, and limber with conscientious fitness coaching

The secret to a stronger, more resilient body

You want a body that imbues health and vitality to the world at large.

You want a body that speaks confidence to friends, colleagues, and your partner ... or attracts the attention of a potential lover. 

You want to feel energized during the day rather than stressed out. 

You want the stamina to do more in life than just go to work everyday.

You want to stop feeling burdened by aches, pains, or nagging injuries.

You're starting realize that as each year passes, your body isn't cooperating like it once did.

You know it's possible to recover the strength and energy you once felt because you see other people your age doing it. 

However, you find yourself wondering, how are they doing it?

They make it look easy. Where do they find the time and energy to exercise, work, spend time with family and friends, prep healthy meals, sleep enough, take care of kids, travel, and everything else?

It's overwhelming and your stress levels are already too high.

You're not alone in this. You're not the only one who is living and feeling this way.

In fact, The World Health Organization said stress has become a ‘World Wide Epidemic’. Out of the most stressful cities to live in America, Boston lands in at 52 out of 182 (with 1 being the most stressed). 

The good news is this ....

There is a way to get back into shape and live healthier without it being overwhelming or adding stress to your life. In fact, it lowers your stress levels in the process.

I want to introduce you to our proven health and fitness model, which allows you to become the pinnacle of human health, while at the same time relieving stress and day-to-day hassle.


We've helped 192 people (with a 95% success rate) through this very process.

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Eliot woke up one day to find himself in a prison of his own design. He had built a business from the ground up and suddenly realized that it was suffocating him slowly. His creativity was gone, his enthusiasm was fading, and worst of all - he was 30 pounds overweight. 

He knew he had to do something to take back control of his life. His dream had come true, yet now it was asking too much. He knew his health was holding him back and making things worse, so he decided it was time to get back in shape.
He tried weight watchers and that worked for a little while. However, it wasn't something he could stick with and enjoy. So, he regained the weight that he had lost. He joined a gym, but the room full of machines and treadmills, which wasn’t the same as the fields, rinks, and ski trails that he used to exercise on.
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      Can you imagine what Eliot did to drop down to 12% body fatand take back control of his life?
Read more...       He noticed that a strength coach was offering fitness assessments nearby his office. He decided to give it a try. And he was so glad he did.

Eliot has came to realize that having an experienced fitness coach in your corner is fundamental to a lasting health transformation.

Eliot needed the accountability to show up at the agreed upon time in order to stay consistent. He sought guidance to perform the most effective exercises and restore his athleticism. Not only did he got both, but it turned out to be fun and challenging with progress both immediate and palpable. 6 weeks turned into 6 months, and eventually 6 years! He actually enjoys choosing a healthy lifestyle every day.

Eliot’s path was quite rocky at times. As he began to change, his old life, old habits, and old way of doing business fought back. They threatened to throw up off track, but Eliot’s coach stayed in his corner through it all.

Nathan checked Eliot when he needed it, identified when excuses were just excuses, and stuck with him when he wanted to give up. They talked on the phone, met for coffee, smoked cigars. Nathan created strategies to meet each new challenge, and brought excitement, encouragement, and expertise to every workout.

Fast forward to the present and Eliot is climbing rocks, doing gymnastics, and playing with his daughters on the jungle gym. He hovers around 12% body fat (visible abs) and puts to shame athletes in their twenties. More importantly, he spends hours each day with his beautiful family, started a new business that feeds his soul instead of drains it, and meditates and journals everyday.

49 years old And Deadlifting a RIDICULOUS 225 POUNDS 

When Jim first came to PurposeFit, he was a man on a mission. He was already working out consistently on his own and paying attention to his diet, but he wasn’t getting the results he wanted.  

“I told Nathan that I wanted to look and feel spectacular in time for my 49th birthday, which was a mere three months away. Could he do it?

Jim was desperate. He had been putting in work for more than a year, but not seeing the effects. He knew needed a coach - someone to help him work smarter, not harder. Someone to cut through all the things he COULD do and focus on the few key things that would make all the difference.  


After going to the PurposeFit studio and seeing the other people who trained there, Jim realized he’d found his man. They were strong, healthy, and lean. They moved with confidence and always looked in control. Most importantly, they were having a good time.

Jim was on fire from the moment he started. He sank his teeth into every exercise, practiced on his own, and adopted the nutrition strategies his coach created for him. He fell in love with the process.

“Nathan worked my training and diet slowly and deliberately toward my goals, keeping in mind and working around chronic injuries from the past, even mollifying and healing some of them.”

And how did Jim look and feel on his 49th birthday?  

“My body fat went down and my strength and energy went up as I shed almost 15 pounds and dead-lifted a ridiculous 225 pounds!

“I am over the moon at recommending Nathan as a coach and trainer. Thank you so much. You truly changed my life!”

Gain Foundational Strength

During our 30-Day Foundational Strength program, we take you through our proven 5 step process to achieve a higher level of health and wellness.

Our process helps you to your lower stress levels through game-changing workouts, good nutrition, and health-boosting, stress-decreasing lifestyle factors. 

Benefits you'll see from workout with our expert coaches include:

  • Increases in energy levels
  • Fat loss for a leaner physique
  • Strength and muscle building for a more capable body
  • Reduction in physical aches, pains, and stiffness 

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